Subaru CRM Lead Creation

Highly targeted and highly successful CRM campaign for Subaru Outback. 16 different eDMs. 16,500 leads and counting. OUTBACK 2014/2015 CRM CAMPAIGN Subaru launched the Outback in Australia on 1 January 2015. With a very limited budget, but a very strong past and current customer base, the brief was to develop a series of eDMs and DMs to generate leads prior to the launch of the vehicle. We had limited imagery of the vehicle and the overall campaign idea could only be used once the Outback itself was launched. Customers were not the only targets; potential non-Subaru owners were profiled and targeted as well. Disciple developed a strategy to target different segments using consumer insights and promotions to encourage action. Messaging was based on analysis that showed what the specific strengths and weaknesses of the brand and the vehicle were and where they were most likely to apply. Our focus was on generating a strong response. Once people test-drive a Subaru, they are more than likely to purchase, so we created a promotion based on booking and taking a test-drive. The campaign launched in October and is ongoing. Based on a contact strategy with people receiving multiple eDMs, the challenge was to keep messaging fresh and interesting. This involved constant monitoring – who and how people responded and what to. These results were then re-segmented in order to tailor messages to match the various responses we received. RESULTS The objective of the CRM program was to generate 10,000 leads. To date we have sent 16 different eDMs, giving us a result of 16,500 leads (with 2 months still to go). Out of these leads, 5,500 are considered “Hot”, meaning that prospects have directly engaged in a conversation with dealers or booked a test drive. Currently, the open rate for the program sits at 45%, much higher than the 17% average Subaru have worked with in the past. With such a limited budget, we’ve managed to generate a very strong response, and exceeded all the client’s expectations and goals.

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